Friday, December 30, 2011

Starting the New Year off right!

I posted a while back about the PURIFY detox/cleanse system. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing it again! I highly recommend this system especially with all of the health and wellness resolutions out there. It's a 7 day system that won't interrupt your daily routine. It's ALL NATURAL! I'm all about that! If you are serious about getting healthy and losing weight this is the jump start you need! Visit this website for a detailed description of this system. Now, if you haven't guessed it already I am a distributor in this company. I believe in their products and use them myself. I would not share them with you or be apart of something I didn't believe in. I have seen some pretty amazing things happen because of these products and this company. My family has benefitted tremendously. We are moving toward a healthy and prosperous future and I'm excited. If you are interested in experiencing this yourself let me know! I would love to help you get there! I wish everyone a happy and safe new year! I can't wait to get my Internet up, I have so much to share! Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 12, 2011

We have a WINNER!

First of all a special thanks to Sellers Studio-photography by erin for sponsoring this "mid-way give-away".
Thank you to all who participated as well.  I wish I had enough to give each and every one of you a sample of this amazing product.  I have seen this product change the health of those I love.  It is not a DIET.  It is an all natural meal replacement formulated by Dr. Deepak Chopra.  Please visit HERE to learn more about Nutriiveda Achieve and more amazing products that will change your life and your family's lives. Thank you again for participating.  Drum roll please.....Congrats to Danielle Banry! You get to try this amazing meal replacement for 2 weeks!  Now, I will send you recipes and fun tips on how to benefit fully from this product BUT...we will all want to hear about your experience :)

Thank you again to ALL of you who are supporting me.  This Blog has turned into a blessing for me.  I'm humbled by the amazing response I have had so far.  I love hearing from you.  You all are so motivating and I thank you! Keep up the good work :)

Up next...

Chest and Back!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Booty Booster!

I'm SO SORRY this has taken me so long, it has been a crazy week!  First of all, I'm excited to give away a 2 week supply for the Nutriiveda ALL NATURAL meal replacement. This product has changed my family's lives, and I'm excited to share it with you. Yes, I said my family's lives.  My kids even drink it for breakfast.  I add fruit & milk and it's the HEALTHIEST meal of their day.  This is NOT a diet drink. (we all know those don't work!)  It's a meal replacement. Visit HERE for more information on this amazing product. If you haven't all ready, SIGN UP for your chance to try it FREE for 2 weeks! It's super easy! Click HERE

On to the BOOTY!  The glutes are the largest muscle in the body, therefore it's one of the body's top calorie burning muscle! If your glutes are weak, it causes a disruption in our body's muscular balance. This can lead to pain and injuries. NO GOOD!

  • Deadlift
  • Hip raises
  • Reverse hip raises
Now, before you get to those you need to know how to activate your glutes before you work them with heavy weight...

(enjoy the silly music, it's a little better than the racquet ball courts going crazy)

There are several levels in this demonstration.  You can pick one you are comfortable with and use it.  For beginners you would use the raise without weight.  For the advanced, you would add the stability ball and weight.  The key is to focus on your glutes.  Keep them tightly squeezed.  I would perform 2 sets of 12-15 reps if you are using this as a warm-up.  If you are using this as part of your work out. I would do 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

Now, I decided to throw in a bonus demonstration that works your hamstrings as well as your glutes...

The key here is to again, KEEP YOUR GLUTES TIGHTLY SQUEEZED!

You want to roll the ball in while curling your heals toward your booty.  Roll the ball from your heals to your toes.  Keep abs tight and feel the burn!  I didn't demonstrate this but you can turn your toes outward or inward to work different areas of the hamstring.  For the advanced, do this with one leg.  Add this to the exercise above for a great booty exercise. ENJOY!

If there is something else you would like to see, LET ME KNOW :)

Love this one...
"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else."
~Benjamin Franklin~
CONTEST:  Leave your favorite motivational quote or phrase in the comment box for 5 points!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mid-way Give-away!!!

Ok, I am about half way through my certification. It is taking me a little longer than I expected but I'm ok with that. This is the most busiest time of year right?  Well, I have appreciated all the support and effort in helping me "spread the word".  I wanted to crank it up a bit! :)  This is exciting! I will be giving away a 2 week supply of Nutriiveda Achieve! I will include some awesome recipes, including the ones I use pre and post work out.

NutriiVeda is a 100%-natural meal-replacement drink . It combines 7 Ayurvedic botanicals and over 22 vitamins, minerals, high quality protein, soluble fiber, and essential amino acids.
The scientifically proven ingredients in NutriiVeda have been shown to help you lose fat, maintain normal blood sugar levels, curb appetite cravings, and promote greater energy levels. It is also casein and gluten free and contains no preservatives. (so it’s totally natural) This is retailed at $51

Here's how it's going to work.  You must complete these 3 challenges to qualify: (some of you have already completed the first two)

1- Become a "follower" of my blog
2- "Like" my new Facebook page (I post updates constantly) click  HERE to do so. 
3- Leave a comment on this post sharing what MOTIVATES you and WHY!


Remember! This mid-way give-away is open to EVERYONE! So tell your friends! For every friend you get to enter and qualify for this mid-way give-away, you get one extra ENTRY! -it pays to spread the word :)

Once you qualify, your name will be entered into a drawing.  All challenges must be completed by December 12, 2011 at 8:00 pm MST.

Wait there is more!

Special thanks to this contest's sponsor:

 Sellers Studio, photography by erin

A relaxed, flexible photo shoot experience for almost any occasion! Check out my portfolio at and be sure to look me up on facebook! From weddings, and senior portraits to sports and fitness shoots - get 15% off your next photo shoot booked with me when you "like" my facebook page! visit  HERE

Gift certificates also available!
I usually shoot in the Oregon area, but will be opening up session bookings for the Utah and Arizona areas some time next year! So be sure to follow me on facebook to get the latest updates!
Good luck with the rest of the challenge and stay motivated!

Erin Sellers, photographer

Thanks everyone again for the awesome support!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

6 pack Ab/cardio workout

I had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. I hope all of you did as well.  I always enjoy being with family and enjoying good food.  I was able to get ALL my workouts in plus a couple added ones for good measure.  I will say, I'm glad it's over. It's time for a little damage control.  This is the ab/cardio workout I do every week.  It's tough, and it's set up as 6 circuits.  The idea is to complete this work out in 45 minutes.  My PR is 49 mins.  Yeah, it's tough.  Try to rest as little as possible but don't compromise form.  Keep your core tight and back straight. (belly button to back)  Good Luck!

Weighted crunch  3 sets of 10 reps
Stability ball crunch 3 sets of 10 reps
Stability ball Jackknife 3 sets of 10 reps
at this point you can rest 45-60 sec

Jumping jack 2 mins
Running high knees 30 sec
Plank 30 sec
rest 45-60 sec

Mountain climber crossover 3 sets of 10 reps ea. side
Stability ball plank touchdown 3 sets of 10 reps ea. side
Russian twist 3 sets of 10 reps ea side
rest 45-60 sec

You will then do a HIIT session
Walk 1 min/ Sprint 1 min 5 sets

Side plank 3 sets 30 sec ea. side
Weighted v-up 3 sets of 10 reps
Plank twist 3 sets of 10 reps
rest 45-60 sec

Lateral hops 3sets of 30 sec
Burpee 3sets of 30 sec
Squat jumps 3 sets of 30 sec

Don't forget to stretch and cool down. This is an intense work out and it will defiantly challenge you. I hope you enjoy it! I DO!

CONTEST: This one is simple. For every person that you get to "like" my new Facebook page, you get 1 point! just make sure you let me know who they are for full credit

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence."
~ Vince Lombardi


Monday, November 21, 2011

The misunderstood CARBS

First of all, thanks for voting on the polls this past week.  I have to admit, the carb question was kind of a "trick" question. All of you got half the question right by answering, "depends on what carbs you eat".  The other half of the answer is, "depends on WHEN you eat them".  Now remember, this is all information I have studied and practiced myself.  I'm not a nutritionist but I think most would agree with me. Let's get into it! 

So many people have this preconceived notion that carbs make you fat.  This is NOT true! It's the over consumption of calories and not enough exertion of energy.  Carbs are in fact essential to your weight loss goals. They are the main source of energy for your body. They help regulate your body’s blood sugar levels.  There are two classifications of carbs, simple and complex. Simple carbs are easily digested and include foods like, fruits and honey.  Complex carbs are more of the starchy foods like whole grains. Now, some of you are wondering, "how much do I GET to eat?"  The answer is; it all depends on your goals.  For fat loss and muscle gain, carbs should generally make up the highest % of your macronutrient calories (50%-70% daily).  1 gram of carb is equal to 4 calories. Here is a list of carbs. Ideally you want to consume most of your daily intake from the upper part of this list.

·    Legumes: kidney beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, lima beans, red beans, marrowfat peas, chickpeas, pinto beans, butter beans, navy beans, lentils
·    Fruit: apples, oranges, apricots, peaches, pears, grapes, kiwi, mango, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, rhubarb, plum, pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries
·    No-sugar added apple sauce
·    Light Yogurt (no sugar added)
·    Other Vegetables: artichoke, beets, pumpkin, rutabaga, squash
·    Whole Grain Breads: 100% Whole Wheat, Pumpernickel, Rye, Oat Bran, Buckwheat, Barley Kernal
·    Other Grains: barley, basmati, quinoa, 100% whole wheat tortilla wraps
·    Oatmeal, oat bran
·    Sweet potato, yam
·    Wild rice, brown rice
·    Couscous
·    Cornmeal
·    Cereals: All-Bran, Special K, Cheerios, Fiber One, Bran Chex, Bran Flakes
·    Pasta – any type
·    New potatoes
·    Corn, Peas, Parsnips
·    Bananas
NOTE: I NEVER count my fresh veggies! I eat as much of those glorious things as I can.

Now, let's talk about the "timing" of carb consumption.  There is tons of research out there that shows that
Glucose tolerance is highest in the morning. So, enjoy your oatmeal! Now, ideally the perfect scenario would be an am work out.  You would have your breakfast with a large portion of your carb intake about 1 hour before your work, and your post workout meal (1-2 hour window) would carry most of the rest. PERFECT! This is because your body, post work out, is prime for carb consumption just like in the a.m.  Now if you absolutely can't work out in the morning you can tweak this a bit. Have most of your carbs for lunch and afternoon snack, and then have the last bit post work out. Just remember, the absolute best times to consume carbs are in the morning and post work out!

Now, with Thanksgiving this week try to be extra active. If you aren't a major gym junkie and won't be hitting up the gym on Turkey day, go for a walk instead of taking a nap after the big meal. But, ENJOY your day, you deserve it! I will have your damage control 6 pack abs work out ready for you by the end of the week. :)

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for my health and the health of my family. It has been a good healthy year. I'm also thankful for you in sharing my passion for health and fitness.

"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary."
~Margaret Cousins~

CONTEST: Find my new page on facebook HERE and hit "like". If you aren't a facebook user, just forward this on to a friend and don't forget to let me know so I can give points. This will be worth 5 points!
Just a heads up, I'm thinking about doing a mid-way give-a-way! So, keep in mind that every time you "share" my post or blog or get someone to "like" my page on facebook, you get a point. (Just let me know you did it)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Shapely Shoulders

First things first. Now, I was asked a great question in the comments of THIS post. Here it is, "I voted on both too. thanks for telling us about the way you set up your workouts. would you maybe write out an example of what days you work what muscle groups or do you do whole body training most days? and do you do abs every day or just one day? thanks amy! i am loving all your helpful advice:) "  -Jackie
Thanks Jackie for following me and for asking that GREAT question!  My answer is, I do full body workouts everyday with an emphasis on a major muscle group. With that said, I work my abs everyday, however there is one day I focus  the majority of my work out on my abs. Every once in while I do concentrated work outs to build a particular area or group. So, I'm giving you a 15 minute shapely shoulder work out! Do this work out with enough weight to challenge yourself. It's perfect for at home as well. If you don't have weights grab 2  big cans of spaghetti sauce and get to work. It's set up like this...

Shoulder press- 3 sets of 10 reps, rest 60 sec  & repeat 2 times
1/2 bent over lateral raises- 3 sets of 10 reps, rest 60 sec & repeat 2 times
Y press- 2 sets of 18 reps, rest 30 sec & repeat
Arnold press- 2 sets of 8-10 reps, rest 20 sec & repeat

I demonstrated these lifts here...ENJOY!

Ok, I love feedback! Please give this a try and let me know what you think!

I can't help but over hear women talk about their weight loss progress. When one friend asks, "How much did you lose this week?" The other responds "Only one pound!" then they continue on about how disappointed they are and how they want so much more. Well, lets put that one pound into perspective shall we...Take a look at this!

This is what one pound of FAT looks like...I'll take one pound of fat loss any day OR week!

Perspective ladies!

Here is a little trick I would like to share with those of you who may be struggling with what you eat.
Take a picture of what you eat, BEFORE you eat it. You don't have to post it or share it with anyone. Just look at it before you dig in. What this does is make you think about what you are eating. Take a second to think about what your support system would think about this meal. (whoever that person or group is) This will help slow down your impulse to eat whatever and whenever...Try it!

I will leave the polls open a few more days! Don't forget to vote!

CONTEST: Do this shapely shoulder work out and then let me know what you thought! 5 points Also, recruit a friend to follow my blog. They don't have to join the contest. Just let me know what new follower is your "recruited" friend. 10 points 

Thanks and remember...

Strong is the new beautiful - Nike

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Less rest/ More work

I'm not a big fan of cardio. I only hop on a treadmill to perform HIIT or to cool down/recovery. Some people love cardio and that is great however, keep in mind THIS post. So, some of you may be wondering how I keep my caloric burn and heart rate up. Well, I incorporate my cardio into my weight training. Some of you who I may run into at the gym will notice, I don't stand around, chat, or take rest periods lasting longer than about 45 seconds. My work outs are designed in super set format, and I usually perform 4+ circuits. This keeps my heart rate up the entire time and I continue to burn calories longer post workout. Now, on my strength training days, I do something a little different because my goal isn't focused on burning fat it's to build strength and muscle. The burning fat just happens. So, I add whats called a dynamic interrupt. These come in real handy when you are waiting for a piece of equipment that is being used when the gym is too crowded ;) It's designed to keep your heart rate up. So in between circuits I perform a series of body weight exercises. Such as; jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push ups, lunges, squats and plank. It usually lasts for about 2-3 minutes. Visit HERE for a leg workout you can use as a dynamic interrupt.
In summary, cut your rest time down, stop socializing, stay moving, and push yourself! You will see results!

I will be posting a shoulder work out this weekend to start off your new week next week!

CONTEST: vote on both of my polls for 5 points! Just make sure you let me know you voted. (easy) I'm working on a post and it's based off these results!
If you are new to the contest, I have labeled all posts with, "contest". These posts include small challenges that help you earn points. You can also use that to get caught up!
Don't forget to check the comments from THIS post! There are some awesome recipes! Thanks to all who shared!

Thanks everyone!

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."
~John Quincy Adams~

Monday, November 7, 2011

How to NOT pack on that Holiday weight...

This is my most favorite time of year! I love the colder weather. I love sweaters, boots and scarfs! I love being with family and celebrating all of the holidays. I also love the FOOD! Who doesn't? I have some tips that will help you keep those holiday pounds at bay and help you enjoy every minute while doing it. Let's get started!
If you aren't active now, get active! Start moving, get to the gym or hit the pavement or even put in that DVD, whatever it is that you do, DO IT! Make it a priority to stay physically active throughout the rest of the year, and don't wait until New Year's to "start over". These are a few reasons why: First, this time of year can be VERY stressful! The best way to combat stress is through exercise. While you exercise, "feel good" endorphins are released. You will enjoy the feeling of self accomplishment and experience a clear mind. This is SO important this time of year! Second, you will sleep better. Who doesn't need a better quality of sleep? We can be so busy with holiday errands and parties. We need to understand that sleep is critical to not only beating stress but to weight loss and management. The third reason why exercising now is important, you will burn those extra calories you WILL be consuming! If you aren't exercising, you will gain some weight! That is a promise! Exercising will help you truly enjoy this season while looking and feeling great!

This time of year can be a time to help those in need.  This is something that can also help you. Let me explain.  Now this is Holiday Weight Management 101 by Amy Blue. This is something I believe to be true.  Some of the reasons we over eat may be feelings of depression or boredom. Some people experience these feeling  more so during this time year, and as a result more weight is packed on.  I personally believe that if we wrap ourselves up in serving those around us, we simply forget our own issues or our personal burdens that may be making us feel down, suddenly don't seem as hard to bare. There is a feeling that comes from serving others that you can't get from exercise or eating right. Also, by filling up our free or unproductive time with service we avoid eating out of boredom. So, please incorporate service one way or another into your everyday tasks. It will change your season and your life.

All the wonderful FOOD is the biggest problem for me. Who else has a hard time saying no to chocolate in any form? I love this, "I would give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter". Anyway, back to FOOD in general. Now for most people staying on a diet or avoiding eating anything not so good for all together is very unrealistic.  Understand this, it's ok to enjoy all of the yummy holiday food. However, there are a few ground rules. Everything in moderation. Don't eat until you are uncomfortable. Pick and choose, don't have a full serving of everything! Make healthy choices when you can. For example, volunteer to bring the veggie tray instead of the cookies. Make your food from scratch. Stay away from processed quick and easy meals. That way you can regulate what goes into it.  There are also plenty of healthy substitutes that you can use in your recipes.
Try these:
Sugar-Stevia  You can buy a large bag of stevia anywhere and it measures out just like sugar. We used it to make bread and it works great.
Sour cream/cream cheese-Greek yogurt   I have replaced sour cream all together with all natural plain Greek yogurt. It's high in protein and very low in fat.
Vegetable oil-Applesauce or Coconut oil  It depends what you are using it for.

Try to be creative with your meals and incorporate fresh veggies and fruits. Eat less of the processed foods. You will find fresh just tastes better. There are tons of healthy recipes out there...have fun experimenting.

CONTEST: Please share any other healthy substitutes you use that aren't listed above and receive 2 points. Share an awesome HEALTHY holiday recipe and receive 10 points!

One mistake a lot of us make is, we drink our calories.  So many of us are soda drinkers, juice drinkers, or one of my weaknesses, hot chocolate. All of these are high in calories and have NO nutritional value. You can keep the weight off by drinking WATER! Ok, with that said, the same rules apply to your choice of holiday beverage as your holiday meal.

Most importantly, just stay in tune with your body and don't over do anything. Take time to relax and enjoy your blessings this season.
"Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so."
~Robert G. Ingersoll~
Thanks to all who are supporting me in this contest. I have had an overwhelming response and I'm humbled. If you have yet to join in on the fun, do so! Visit HERE  and get started. It's fun and super easy! Remember, any time you forward on a post or share my blog, let me know, you get 1 point. The more you share the more points you receive! You can leave me a comment or e mail me at
Thanks again :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outside Inspiration!

I think Amy is an inspiration to a lot of moms. I'm so glad she agreed to share her story here...
Hi there! I'm Amy J from 125 Before 25 and Win, Lose, or Blog and I'm so excited Amy asked me to guest post here today. I've known Amy and her cute family for a couple years and I admire Amy's determination to get her body back after each kid. I, on the other hand, have always struggled with my weight. In college, I steadily gained weight until I got married...since then it's been up and down a little over the last 5 years. At the end of 2010, I hit my max weight and size...both numbers I swore I'd never see myself at. At 5'3" I was a size 18 and 183 lbs.   
Buying a size 18 was seriously depressing for me, I told myself I'd never have to do that, but I did. It took me until April of this year to do something about it. I heard that Win, Lose, or Blog was accepting Season 4 applications and I sent one in.
Here are the really scary, I just woke up, take a picture of how fat I am pictures I sent in:
I was lucky enough to get selected as a Season 4 contestant. It was just what I needed to do to kick my butt into gear! For me, it wasn't just a contest, it was the start of a lifestyle change. I started counting calories and tracking fitness on I stopped eating out for the *most* part, I gave up all soda and I started the torturous task of not only losing weight, but getting my butt into shape.
I started running several times a week and did some kind of aerobic/toning exercise for an hour a day 5-6 days a week. The first time I ran it was death. I did about 30 seconds and thought I'd fall over, but I pushed through it until I ran my first 5K in July.
Over the last 6 months, I have lost 45 lbs. I had wanted to reach my goal weight of 125 lbs by my 25th birthday in September, but I came up 13 lbs shorts, which I'm ok with, because that just means the journey isn't over quite yet.
Here's me on my 25th Birthday:
I've gone from a size 18/XXL to a size 10/M.
Over the last 6 months, I've hit my slumps here and there and that's when I knew I needed to re-access some things. Either my diet or exercise was off. Sometimes it was as simple as not changing how many calories I was eating, but what I was eating. Not all calories are created equal. For me, I have to very careful with how many carbs and how much sodium I eat. I looove carbs and every now and then, it's easy to find myself filling my daily diet with more calories from carbs than lean meats and veggies. Other times, I knew it meant it was time to switch up my workout routine. Amy gives some great advice on this in her post here.
When losing weight, I think it's very important to set mini goals along the way, as well as a long term goal, but it's also important not to get discouraged if you don't reach every one of them. Something I've had to remind myself throughout this weight loss journey is that..
You can too!
I'm continually blogging my journey. Feel free to drop in and give me a little nudge to keep working towards my goal! Also, I'm now a team member for Win, Lose or Blog and you can find me there weekly as well as see current contestant battling through their weight loss journey. Check them out and cheer them on if you get the chance. Thanks for having me here today, Amy!
Thank you Amy! CONTEST: Leave a comment for Amy and receive 2 points!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This is BIG!!!

This post has been in the works for a few weeks. I'm so excited to share this with you! It's official, I'm starting my personal training certification with NASM! I will be sharing my entire experience here with you. I'm excited to further my knowledge and pay it forward. It's time to celebrate! I plan on completing this process in the next 60-75 days! It will be a challenge with my 5 little ones at home but, it will be worth it. So while I'm completing that challenge I have one for you. Are you up for it? I will be giving away 3 prizes. 2 are for the top 2 people who earn the most points and the 3rd will be raffled off. Let me explain how this will work. For every time you leave a comment, share a post on Facebook or Twitter, refer a friend or even vote on one of the polls, you will earn a point.  I will be posting little challenges here and there and they will all be worth a certain amount of points. If you complete them, you get the points. There will be a minimum of 25 points required in order to qualify. It's easy! You are probably wondering what the prizes are...Ok, I will tell you!

10 personal training sessions by ME! valued at $500.00
1 Purify Cleanse and Detox system valued at $130.00
30 day supply of Zrii Achieve, all natural meal replacement valued at $108.00

How does that sound! Just in time for NEW YEARS! I'm SO excited, and I hope you are too!

Let's get started, here is the first challenge:

These are 3 required challenges you must complete to enter into this contest  WORTH 5 pts!

1st-   Leave me a comment at the end of this post, telling me you are up for the challenge and WHY!
2nd-  Become a follower of this blog (located on the right)
3rd-  Forward this post to at least 2 friends via email or share this post on Facebook, Twitter,or even your own blog. (located at the end of this post by the comment box, or use the "spread the word" located on the right)

NOTE: You will need to let me know you have completed the 3rd challenge by CC me at  in your email.  Also, anytime you refer a friend you need to have your friend let me know via comment box or email.
See...It's EASY!
Help me get the word out!!!! I will be sharing what I learn right here, so stay connected! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!  and thanks for all your support thus far!

If you are not from my area and would still like to participate, please do! We can make different
arrangements regarding your prize.

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be."
~Karen Ravn~

CONTEST RULES: Must be 18 years old or have parents permission to qualify. All Zrii distributors are ineligible for product prizes. Please be honest in your reports of completed challenges.  I reserve the right to refuse services and prizes to anyone I feel is ineligible. Please feel free to email any questions to

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Full body work out!

The audio on this is hard to hear...
This is a descending pyramid circuit.You will start with 10 reps each exercise. Then rest for 20 seconds and repeat with 9 reps each exercise. Then rest for 20 seconds and repeat with 7 reps each exercise. You will continue until you work your way down to 1 rep each exercise. You will then rest 60 seconds and REPEAT! The exercises are: bent over dumbbell row, body squats, push ups, forward lunges and floor sit ups.
You can do this at home or in the gym. You can add this to the tail end of a work out, or add it to your cardio days. It will get your heart rate up and work all the major muscles in your body. Warning: ITS TOUGH! 

For those of you who need to start on your knees for push ups, I have demonstrated the CORRECT way to do them. Notice there is a straight line from my knee all the way up to my shoulder. Too many make the mistake and bend at the waist. Do as many as you can not on your knees first. You will  be able to build the strength you need to get off your knees. Try it!

If there is something you want to see or hear my opinion on...let me know! I'm up for ideas.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
~Thomas Edison~

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Battle Belly Fat!

Do you want to lose that unwanted belly fat? First, you need to understand why your body may be storing extra pounds around the middle. It's a hormone called Cortisol.  Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal cortex in the adrenal gland. You may have heard it referred to as the "stress hormone" and that high levels are often associated with fatigue and lack of sleep. This is true however, we can't sleep away 10 pounds. (that would be nice though) It's also important to understand that Cortisol is also produced by pretty much any type of exercise. But, the good news is that exercise also produces other hormones that offset the effects of Cortisol. One of them is Growth Hormone (GH). This is pretty much the most effective hormone produced in your body that helps you gain muscle and burn fat. GH is also AWESOME in fighting the effects of Cortisol. So we now know that both Cortisol and GH are produced in our bodies by exercise, so we need to create as much GH as we can to fight the Cortisol and burn that belly fat. My favorite trainer ever, Roman from Roman Fitness System, has figured out a way to train that will do just that! It's called Lactic Acid Training. He explains ALL the details in his work out, Final Phase Fat Loss, which I have done 3'x and LOVE it! I will just give you the basic run down. Now some of you may know what lactic acid is, it's the stuff that flows through your body and cause's it to hurt a little. (muscle soreness) So, your body naturally wants to fix itself and to do so, it needs to regulate the acidity. Your body produces, guess what, GH to do so! Here's how you do it...When you are lifting the weight, you are producing a lot more lactic acid than when you lower it. For those of you who really understand what I'm talking about, lactic acid training to some degree can be thought of as "inverted tempo training". So you will be lifting the weight over a period of 4 seconds and lowering the weight extremely fast. For example:

Yes, these are mine!

LIFT the weight over a period of 4 sec
LOWER the weight as fast a possible with good form
IMMEDIATELY begin the lifting again

NOTE: You will want to do a full body work out structured like this, and be on a structured diet.

I have personally trained like this and have seen results!
If you need more info to incorporate this into your work out, let me know. 
Try it out and let me know after a few week, what your results are.

Nutrition Tip:
How many of you use butter, PAM or even veg. oil to grease your pan?
I'm sure there are a few... but try coconut oil instead. Coconut oil is one of the best "fats" to use for cooking. Even though coconut oil provides a generous amount of fat and calories, it has been proven to increase your body's metabolic rate. This makes it easier to lose weight! Now, a reasonable amount to use would be about 1-2 tsp three times a day for cooking.  I use it when cooking my eggs or to saute my veggies. It tastes GREAT!

"If you really want something, you can figure out how to make it happen."

Monday, October 10, 2011


Exercises: Squats
This exercise targets your quadriceps, activate your core and just about every other muscle of your lower body including your glutes, hamstrings, and calves.
How to Squat
1) Stand as tall as you can with feet spread shoulder-width apart. Your lower back should be naturally arched. Hold your arms straight out in front of your body at shoulder level. Brace your core and hold it that way throughout the entire exercise.
2) Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Pause and slowly push yourself back to the starting position. Your torso should stay upright and your arms should stay in the same position from start to finish. The tops of your thighs should be parallel to the floor or lower.
keep your core tight and don’t let your lower back round.
Keep your weight on your heels, not your toes throughout the entire exercises. You should be able to wiggle your toes at any given moment during your squat.
Knees should always follow the direction of your toes.
By adding a jump at the end of your squat, you will increase your heart rate and switch your body to fat burning mode. Try 10 squat jumps at the end of every circuit throughout your workout. By the end of your workout, you will have added 120 squat jumps. Increase reps each week and also add in some weights every few days to really challenge yourself.
Let me know below how you are doing each week and make sure to add the strength you gained and the inches you’ve lost around your thighs!

Looking for a snack that will help curb your sweet tooth?

Try: a handful of frozen grapes and raw nuts! YUM!

I hope these demonstrations help...ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Legs That Get Noticed

Legs That Get Noticed: Here is an exercise I use at the end of my leg workout to really burn out my legs. I also use them throughout my workouts on non-leg days to keep my heart rate soaring, tapping into fat burning mode.

Here’s How
1. From a standing position, lower your body into a split squat
back leg- stand on the ball of your foot with heel raised
keep your core tight
keep your chest up
2. Quickly switch directions and jump with enough force to propel both feet off the floor (scissors kick)
3. Repeat, alternating between each leg

Try This
At the end of your workout or for a warmup:
Split squat jumps for 30 seconds (count these every workout to see how you advance)
Rest 30 seconds
Repeat for a total of 5 minutes
Your legs will be SCREAMING!

168% -> That’s the percentage increase in core activation when people think about tightening their abdominals, according to a Utah State University study.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not fast enough?

Ok, I see this happen a lot, and I have experienced it A LOT! The number on the scale either slows way down while on it's way down, or it stops moving all together. There are a number of theories. Most people want to cut calories and increase exercise. This seems like the most accurate "guess" but it's not entirely correct. I have a solution for you. It's called muscle confusion! Some of you may be confused right now but give me a chance to explain. As we set our calorie intake and do our 30 mins or more of exercise each day, day in and day out, our bodies get "comfortable" with it. Once we reach the point of "comfort" we need to throw our bodies for a loop! It's as easy a making a change! If you have been running as your choice of exercises, change it. Try something different, like weight training or resistance training. Changing your work out is key! If you have been eating the same foods, make a change. Try this for one week, and I will guarantee a downward movement on the scale. Get rid of all complex carbs for 7 days. Yep, it's not for the weak of heart. It will take a large amount of self control, but you have it in you! Stay away from ALL breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, and any other grains. Eat mostly protein and veggies at every meal, with some added fruit here and there. You will break through this "slow spell", I promise.

Now some of you may be thinking "she is seriously nuts" and I guess I would have to be a little crazy to have already tested out some of the theories I'm sharing with you. However, I know these things work! Test it for yourself.

"It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself." - Muhammad Ali

Monday, September 26, 2011

CLEAN and staying that way!

I finished this detox/cleanse system Saturday night. My conclusion is that this product does exactly what it says it will. In my already lean state, I lost 1 pound. My husband lost 3. We both noticed a big difference in our appearance. We are seeing a little more muscle definition in places that we didn't before. We both have more energy, and are enjoying a better quality of sleep. We also lost any cravings for sugar and unhealthy food choices. It was easy to use and it didn't interrupt our everyday activities. We are especially looking forward to seeing how the lasting affects of using this product will work. I highly recommend using this first and only all natural detox/cleanse system to start or re-start your wellness journey. Visit for more information. SERIOUSLY! It's amazing! My words here, don't do it any justice. We will do this again in January!

To help maintain our "cleanliness" we will be using this juice cleanse recipe!

Serving size= 1 cup

6 asparagus spears (med. size)

1/2 cucumber

1/2 cup of purified water

1 lemon (juice only)

Cut asparagus and cucumber into quarter size cubes and blend together with water. Squeeze in lemon and blend until watery consistency is achieved.

Add ice if desired!

We will do this once a week until it's time to use the Purify system again. Try it and let me know what you think!

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. " -Abraham Lincoln

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Happy Thursday!

Today I'm giving you an AB workout! The key to a strong and lean body is to have a strong core!

Some of you are going to LOVE me and others might want to yell and scream at me. This one is tough!

You will need: stability ball and a medicine ball or weight

Circuit #1- (rest only 45 sec in between circuits NOT exercises)

10 reps -medicine ball crunch- keep elbows locked and sit up while pushing the ball up to the ceiling

10 reps- stability ball crunch- a sit up that is performed on the stability ball

30 seconds- plank position - get into push up position, back straight, abs tight, and lower down so you are resting on your forearms. Make sure your elbow and shoulder are in line, and hold!

REST 45 seconds and repeat 3 times

Circuit #2

HIIT session- sprint 1 min walk 1 min repeat 4 additional times

Circuit #3

10 reps- medicine v-up- lay down, arms start above your head with elbows locked. While keeping legs straight bring them up, simultaneously reaching up to touch your toes with the ball or weight

30 seconds each side- side plank- same plank position just resting your weight on one arm and face sideways. Keep hips up and abs tight. Try to keep your body in a straight line. Shoulder needs to be incline with elbow

10 reps each side- Russian twist- start in sitting position, bend knees and lift off the ground. Hold medicine ball or weight close to body and while keeping back straight but slightly leaned back, and abs tight, you will twist side to side using your core.

REST 45 seconds and repeat 3 times

Circuit #4

Finish with another 10 min HIIT session- 1 min sprint, 1 min walk.

Don't hate me yet...try it for 3 weeks and you will see a GIANT change in your core area.

Fun thing about this work out is that it takes care of your cardio session too!

CHALLENGE: Try timing yourself the first time you try it. The idea is to do as much of it without rest as want to burn! Each time you do this, try to beat your last time.

Note: this is a modified version of the ab work out I'm currently using...if you are advanced, send me a message and I can give you the other half! ;)

Good luck and enjoy!

Nutrition tip: There are a lot of people who work out early in the morning and don't eat before they do. This is crazy! (unless you are on some extreme program) Your body needs fuel to perform properly. You need to eat a healthy meal or small snack with protein before you work out, so those nutrients can feed right into those muscles. Some of you may be thinking, "but I can't eat that early". My advice is to start small, grab a handful of nuts and a half of an apple. Or have one piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Also, remember to eat a high protein snack or meal within 30 min of completing your work out. It will help with the muscle building process.

Wellness advice: Remember your affirmations? Are you using them? If not, START! It will change your life. Also, find something to do for yourself for 15 mins. Read a book, take a walk, or just sit quietly and meditate. Taking this time for yourself is big. It's important for us to "unwind" so our bodies can handle the stress that is around us.

"Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it." - George Halas